Friday, October 21, 2011

Naked in reverse

I really wonder how the world of dating would change if everyone saw each other naked without their faces showing, before they met. It would almost be the opposite of what we do now.

People always worry so much about their bodies, women in particular, that it prevents many of us from even considering dating. If we just showed what we looked like from the neck down upfront, I really wonder how things would change.

A lot of men only like what they like because they're told to. Well, a lot of PEOPLE, really, but especially in terms of body types. A lot of men are interested in a certain type of woman that they think their peers won't approve of, so instead, they go for what they think they're supposed to like.

If we all saw each other naked from the neck down first, this might also change. People aren't really identifiable by their naked bodies except by someone who's seen them naked, and even so, without the face, it might be hard to distinguish 100%. So, maybe men who were attracted to bbws but end up dating thin women because they don't want to take shit from their friends would actually go for bbws because their faces would be hidden.

Women go insane trying to get this idealized figure of some...asshole. I really don't know who came up with this unattainable standard of being 5'9'' and 100 lbs, but it's impossible for a good 99% of the population. But if we were all saw each other naked, then maybe we'd get used to the idea of body diversity and we'd all chill the fuck out. Also, we'd see all the bodies that don't fit the conventionally attractive mold accompanied by men who like them anyway.

Or, maybe it would make us all even more scrutinizing, shallow, and obsessive about our looks. In any case, there is definitely something that would change if the factor of facial anonymity were removed.

I suppose something like craigslist could measure dating, relationship, and sexual satisfaction when seeing someone naked from the neck down first. There are plenty of ads on that site that show nothing but somebody naked with pictures from every possible angle with no face showing. I personally know people who met that way and are now happily together, some even married.

It seems like we are supposed to place sexuality as the last priority in a relationship, something you only get to if all other criteria are met. What if we did that in reverse?


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