Monday, January 23, 2012

No pic=no reply

If you're on an online dating site and you don't have a pic, fuck off. You're not a mature enough human to deserve dating anyone. Don't even THINK of trying that, "Well, looks shouldn't matter. What are you, shallow?" crap.

It would be cute if it weren't so disgusting how everyone who does this tries to play the, "Looks shouldn't matter," card. Of course, they only apply this to themselves. Apparently, THEIR looks don't matter, but the looks of every other inhabitant of the planet Earth do. Hence, I can easily ask them the same thing, "What are you shallow...AND a pussy?" because we all know goddamn well that everyone selectively messages other people based on their pictures. So, basically, these motherfuckers go on a dating site, sit back, and click away judging EVERYONE ELSE by their looks, but absolving themselves from judgment.

If you are one of these people, you deserve to be alone.

The same thing goes for people who post pictures, but you can't clearly see their faces in any of them. You should also be ashamed and alone.

Saddest of all is that I have to point out to these preteding-to-be-deep-yet-transparently-shallow muthefukkaz that they're doing this. They think it's just fine and dandy NOT to post a picture, but to go around judging everyone else. Really? I have to explain this shit?

And anyway, does this shit work? Do women just go, "'s ok if you don't have a picture and I have no idea what you look like because you wrote me a poem.....that you sent to every other skank you messaged that day."


It doesn't fucking work, especially not in online dating! Knock it off!


  1. So,I presume,you are into online dating...

    Has America become so lonely?

  2. Yes, I am into online dating. I am not sure what you mean about America being lonely. I'm not sure where you're from, but online dating has become very popular in the US. A lot of people are too busy to spend time out meeting people, or all of their friends are married and only know other married people, so there's no one to meet.